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How important is it to wash your duvet and how often should you do it?

It is not necessary to wash your duvet every week, but it’s a good idea to do it at least once a month.  It keeps your bedding clean, hygienic and free of dust mites and bed bugs.

Most home washing machines are too small to fit a queen size duvet, however if you push and squeeze it will fit, but the question is will it clean.  The answer is clear… No.  You need room for your duvet to move around and let the water and soap penetrate into the duvet in order for it to get clean.  At Super Bubbles Laundromat we have 40 pound washing machines (6 of them) that will let you wash up to a king size duvet.

Super Bubbles Laundromat will wash your duvet and comforters with little soap.  The washing cycle has a pre-wash and regular wash cycle.  You can even add a super wash cycle that is 3 washes, yes 3!  Once you washing is done now your duvet or comforter needs to be dried.  At our Laundromat we have 18 mammoth dryers. 

Highly recommended not to pack the dryer with more than one duvet as it needs room to expand when drying.  Our dryers have heat settings, high, medium and low.  When drying duvets it is advised to use the medium setting.  You want to make sure your duvet is thoroughly dried before you leave.  Let the duvet cool off before determining if it is dry.  You don’t want to get home and realize the feathers in your duvet are still wet.  Not drying your duvet thoroughly might leave your duvet not smelling fresh.

I hope you found these tips useful and will visit Super Bubbles Laundromat at 257 Davis Drive, Newmarket when it’s time to wash your duvet or comforter.