Check out what our customers are saying about Super Bubbles

"This laundromat is the cleanest in Newmarket. It's great that all the machines are working."
"Thank you to Gus and Cathy for making this laundromat the best and cleanest in Newmarket"
-Deb & Les
"This is the best place in town!"
"After being a customer for over 20 years and seeing the transformation of this Laundromat we will continue coming back over and over again for another 20 years"
"We love Cathy and Gus"
-Billy & Kathy
"Clean, everything works, friendly, I will definitely be coming back"
"The big machines are way cheaper than dry cleaning my duvet"
"I heard about the renovation of this laundromat and now I only come to this one."
"This renovation was long overdue, Gus has done a fabulous job with everything in this store"
"I have watched Gus throughout this whole process during the renovation. He was so picky with everything in this laundromat to make it perfect for all its customers. Thank you for doing this for us!"
"Working late hours and doing laundry has always been a problem, but with the new hours and being open until 11:15pm has made it a lot easier now knowing I can come and do my laundry at this Laundromat"
"I do my laundry in the morning and it is great that the doors open automatically so I don't have to wait for someone to open the laundromat"
"Being a guy, I hate to fold my laundry. The racks are a fabulous addition"
"Working TVs are awesome to pass the time while waiting for my laundry"
"This laundomat is the best I have been to in Newmarket. I come from Keswick and it is worth the drive."
"Cathy keeps this laundromat so clean. She is pleasure to talk to and always there to help."
"Wow what a change from before. I can't believe the change to this laundromat. Great to see an open washroom. The TVs are great to kill the time while waiting for my laundry."
"Thanks to Gus we have a great laundromat and we enjoy coming to do our laundry here. This laundromat has come a long way... everything is new and most important it is clean."
-Brian & Heather