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Can you wash car floor mats in the washing machine?

Definitely not recommended in your home washing machine.  After this long cold winter the road were solid with lots of salt and sand.  Your mats must of taken a beating with all the dirt and salt or even if you have kids that love to spill, spit or even have accidents in the car.

Most families live in their cars at some point during the week. I’m sure if you have kids you can relate.

Super Bubbles Laundromat has a solution.  Remove your car mats and put your mats into a 30lbs or 40lbs washing machine at our Laundromat facility.  WHAT??? That’s right our heavy duty washing machines will wash them CLEAN.  Use Oxi-Clean with little laundry soap and voila clean car mats are ready for the summer! Not recommended to put mats in the dryers.

Step 1:  Use a pre-stain treatment
Step 2: Throw the mats into the washer with little detergent
Step 3:  Lay them out to dry

Visit Super Bubbles Laundromat today and get your car mats clean and fresh!